Not a writer... just a dreamer... (but i wrote that.)

“Immature love says ‘i love you because i need you.’ mature love says ‘i need you because i love you.’”

—erich fromm

Second blog post!

A few more things…

I love tv, sports, fashion, cars, electronics, animals, movies and food.

If you are following my “blog”, prepare to listen to me yap on and on about many of these things.

Oh, and I totally love him

Oh, and I totally love him

Shirley and Norman aka dumb and dumber-er

Shirley and Norman aka dumb and dumber-er

1st post EVER

This is officially my first post. Fyi- Im the suckiest writer on the planet but there is a ton of stuff in my brain just waiting to be written down.

A few things to know about me.

I work on a tiny tv show called The Big Bang Theory.

I have an incredible family, a beautiful, loving boyfriend , a place i call home, and tons of animals surrounding me constantly.

I’m sarcastic most of the time which can be off-putting to some, until you get to know me.

Im not a blogger but this seemed like a good idea.

I’m eternally grateful.

If you are reading this, I appreciate it cause truthfully, nothing I say is really THAT important.

I love my life.

“The very expectation of something awaited is the greater part of satisfaction. The hope of possessing it inflames desire. the rarer it is, the more beautiful it seems…”

—the duchess of Ferrara 1517


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